How does a students life look in Finland Part 1

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How does a students life look in Finland Part 1

Finland is a distinctive nation that stands out in many ways and is well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty. Finland, a country in Northern Europe, has one of the best educational systems in the world, emphasizing equality, inclusivity, and the wellbeing of its students. We will talk about Finnish student life in this blog post.

1. The Finnish Classroom Environment

Finland’s classrooms are built with the needs of the students in mind, emphasizing teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking. Students are urged to participate in discussions, ask questions, and work on projects that test their analytic and problem-solving abilities rather than the more conventional lecture-style of instruction.

Additionally, the inclusiveness and diversity of Finnish classrooms are well-known. To ensure that all students have an equal chance to succeed, teachers are prepared to recognize and meet the learning needs of those with varying backgrounds and abilities.

2. Finnish higher education

Finland’s higher education system is renowned throughout the world for its high standards and creative approach to teaching and learning. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs are all available at Finnish universities. The nation also has a number of vocational schools that offer instruction in a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, and social services.

All students, regardless of background or financial situation, have access to education because the Finnish educational system is founded on the principle of equality. The government also offers financial aid to students who qualify, making sure that everyone can afford and access higher education.

3. Finland Student Housing

The majority of Finnish universities provide a variety of housing options for students, including shared apartments, dorms, and private housing. Finnish student residences are well-equipped and offer all the amenities required by students, including Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and common areas. Additionally, the majority of student residences feature a communal kitchen where residents can cook together and share recipes.

4. Cost of Living

As the cost of living is higher in Finland the government provides financial to students who need the help. This makes education accessible to all. Also, the Finnish education system is inevitably designed to be affordable yet being the best education system of the world.

Talking about the everyday expenses’ student can save the food budget by cooking their own food and by using public transport for the transport budget. Finnish universities provide additional discounts on transport, events and entertainment. Al in all the finnish education is quite cost effective and pocket friendly.

5. Social Life

Social Life is a very important factor in anyone’s life. It is an integral part of a student life because that’s the time when most of the characterization takes place. Universities enable students with a plethora of activities such as events parties, sports and various activities that help build your strong social space.

Sauna is an interesting way to bond with people, network and make new friends. It is traditional steam, integral for Finnish lifestyle. Sauna helps to relax and destress also providing a space for healthy social interaction.

Outdoor activities are also encouraged in Finnish curriculum like hiking with friends, going skiing or ice skating and other fun activities. There are a lot of parks to explore and enjoy.

The overall curriculum and system are built to help students become people with better social life.

6. Student Support Services

Finnish universities are known for their support to students for their academic benefits and personal cognitive development. Universities provide counselling, advising, career workshops, mental health workshops, seminars and many others. There are advisors to support students dealing with any kind of stress or other concerns. Academic advisors help students plan their academic syllabus, choose subjects or courses and get insights on university system.

Career services are also provided for students to help them plan better with their internships and jobs. Alongside all these a special healthcare advisory also helps students with their health issues both physical and mental.

There is more to a life of a Finnish student. Stay Tuned to know more in our Part 2 blog

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