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Looking at transforming your school? 

Our VISION is to create a place where we create a fresh, dynamic and bold approach to the traditional education system by developing a personalized learning environment for each child

Our MISSION is to create a meaningful impact in India’s school education system by implementing the best educational practices from Finland.

Finland Education Hub is partnering with top educational companies in Finland, adapting and localizing their services to suit the needs of India’s education ecosystem.

How are we transforming education in India?

We at Finland Education Hub specialize in adapting and localizing the Finnish educational services to suit the needs of India’s education ecosystem. 

Our experienced team of educators have spent considerable time in Finland and India and researched about the best practices from Finland that could be implemented in India to provide a personalized, purposeful, and locally relevant system thereby empowering students to explore their natural creativity.

Our Competitive Advantage

We have expertise and a vision to build to co-develop educational solutions that will foster innovation and creativity. This is what people need in a rapidly changing world and what is lacking in most of the current, standardized educational systems.

New pedagogical concept based on the Finnish curriculum integrated with global best practises & support from top Finnish Partners, Properly productized and scalable licensable modules, Usage of smart technology to enhance learning and cost savings

The Target!

Bringing best of Finnish elements to India

Finland is well respected and renowned for its educational system and reforms that have shaped the country into what it is today. Finland offers the world the best educational practices to improve their schooling, learning outcomes, and teacher development.

However, an important question arises, can the Finnish system be replicated in India as it is?


Years of combined team experience in
International Education!

Competencies, skill building, and life skills are core to how we look at imparting education!

We believe that instead of focusing on pure academic rigor, our emphasis should be on empowering students to explore their natural creativity, discover their true passions, and shape their own future

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