Why Finland Education Hub ?

Finland is well respected and renowned for its educational system and reforms that have shaped the country what it is today.

Finland offers the world the best educational practices to improve their schooling, learning outcomes, and teacher development. However, an important question arises, can the Finnish system be replicated in India as it is?
This is where FEH steps in, FEH specializes in adapting and localizing the Finnish curricula to suit the needs of India’s education ecosystem

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"We want to take the best practices from the Finnish education system and localize them into user-friendly options for the Indian K-12 ecosystem," - Srivastava told DW
Is the Finnish school model gaining traction in India?
With no standardized tests and shorter school days, Finland's school system is sparking debate in India.
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Finland’s big new export to India: Education
Bengaluru, India– Playdough is not a common mathematics teaching aid. But at Jain...
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Learning by experience: Finnish model of education is growing in India
As more Indian schools turn towards the Finnish model of education, The Indian Express explains what it is...
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Our Mission & Values

OUR MISSION is to create meaningful improvement in India’s school education system by embedding the best educational practices from Finland.


Our ability to respond to change and adapt due to changing market forces, global trends and ever evolving educational dynamics


We Care! We believe in building compassion within the cross-cultural educational communities which helps us develop trust, build stronger relationships


We believe that learning never ends. In our mission, we are keen on building professional communities of learning and build a culture of lifelong learning.


We practice mindfulness by being fully present in whatever we do, think, and feel.


We respect and embrace new ideas and culture that fosters innovation and learning by valuing these differences.

Services & Products

We have deep expertise in supporting transformative education initiatives for schools in India.

Strategic Services

We go beyond traditional educational approach to help schools build capacity and provide opportunities for lifelong learning so that people can gain the skills and capabilities that future workforces will require.​
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Educational Services

We have extensive experience in training, teaching, skill building and hands on pedagogical and curriculum development. These services span across all levels of school system.
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Business support for Finnish Educational Companies

India is amongst the largest & fastest growing economies of the world. The sheer size of the market and its young population makes it the most attractive destination for international education providers.
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Lil Bo Peep Early Years Program

We help kids get naughtier!

Finnish Curriculum
Indian Culture & Values
Lil Bo Peep

Lil Bo Peep’s mission is to foster a caring and safe environment for kids to evolve into happier and curious individuals
The Lil Bo Peep Early Years Program is unique offering that celebrates children’s curiosity, creativity and naughtiness. We believe children can shape their own learning when we let kids be kids. The program is a blend of the world-renowned Finnish curriculum, international pedagogical approaches, and Finnish technology localized for India to provide high quality early childhood education.

Our Partners

Finland’s Education System

Equal opportunities

Learning through play

Personalized learning

Minimal homework

Supportive technology

Lifelong learning

Our Team

A passionate educationist who wants to help children become the best version of themselves.
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