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We help kids get naughtier!

Finland Education Hub is the only Finnish organization that is providing end to end local support to its customers in India.

Key Benefits

Competencies and skills-based education develops important future skills of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and
communication to prepare children for their next stage of education and an unknown future.
Each child is unique. Our curriculum, teacher training, excellent student teacher ratio and technology enable our school to
provide personalized education for each child.
Future ready curriculum, pedagogy and environment inspired by Finland and Indian culture which puts the center of learning around the student.
Our school lets our students make mistakes and learn from them; our school lets students ask Why? And lets them think critically about different aspects.

How It Works?!

ZEST Program Grade (1-5)

Making the world our classroom As children progress from preK to primary the elements of learning and environment around them is constantly changing and for such changing needs we aim to provide “Finland’s phenomenon-based learning” approach. From the primary stage onwards, these interdisciplinary topics are implemented as learning themes throughout ZEST guides: interdisciplinary lessons that make learning relevant by linking classroom lessons to the world students experience every day Students have autonomy over the phenomena they investigate in each ZEST guide and are mentored by teachers to synthesize content knowledge into personalized portfolios. Students leverage their strengths and preferences as learners to meaningfully engage with current issues in the world they encounter every day and contribute to their community on both local and global scales.

Academic & Business Planning

The Academic & Business Plan (ABP) enables the client school to make informed decisions on various crucial components needed for setting up and running a school. The plan includes all the information required to own and operate a K-12 school including. School Policy making, Market analysis, 10 Year Financial planning & modelling, marketing plan, organization structure etc.

Learning Environment Consulting/Architectural Consulting

Learning Environment support for new or existing schools requiring guidance, advice and recommendations for the learning environment drawing upon best practice from Finland and internationally. Nordic Design Concept & General Recommendations • Pedagogical Drivers • Concept values in physical environment • Basic Principles of spatial program

Professional Development Programs

Professional Development programs have been designed to meet and anticipate due needs of education professionals and partner schools in the journey of transformation, continuous improvement, innovation and development. At the heart of our professional development is effective self-evaluation, the key to continued success and excellence. The focus areas are: -> Ensuring continuous quality improvement -> Development of successful leadership programs at all levels enabling succession planning -> Development of a coaching agenda across all partner schools; a unique selling point and the most effective form of professional development -> Innovation and forward thinking in school environments using technology as an enabler

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