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India is going through a massive overhaul of its education system with the New Education Policy 2020 right from early childhood to university education. In the large canvas of Education landscape that India has to offer – we do have specific challenges and therefore opportunities too.

India has experienced, like the rest of the world, a rather harrowing time in sustaining education during the pandemic. Teachers and Students – besides parents have all had their challenges coping with the hybrid learning mechanisms that were needed to stay afloat. But then unlike other parts of the world – India managed to forge ahead on the strength of the digital backbone that was recently in place. We are beginning to see the light at the end of this pandemic tunnel.

India’s top private universities such as Shiv Nadar UniversityJain UniversityMahindra University and more are now focusing on programs related to technology, innovation, sustainability, research, and skill building as part of NEP 2020. We acknowledge that Finland leads the world in some of these areas of education and hence Indian universities are looking at partnering with Finnish Universities to take education to next level.

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